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If you've not experienced being floated, massaged & wafted thru warm water, you must. If you enjoy massage and soaking in warm water, Watsu is for you, as beneficial as a good massage, but different. Firm pressure to troublesome areas of your body combined with stretches and movement thru the water gently loosens and frees joints.

Watsu is a warm water therapy developed in a northern California hot springs. In a warm pool, you float weightlessly, your neck and head supported, eyes and nose kept out of the water. The body is gently flexed, extended and wafted through the water. The resistance of the water against the limbs gently opens the joints, re-introducing the sense of fluid movement in your body. Also, along w with the movement, muscles of shoulders, arms and spine are massaged.The ears are slightly submerged so the swishing sounds of the water lull the subject into a deep and tranquil state of relaxation. Long held tension patterns unwind~physical armoring lets go  and latent patterns of playful movement begin to emerge. One may be reminded of being in the womb, or feel jelly-fish like, limbs like tentacles moving through the water. As the session progresses, the lack of gravity and the warmth of the water induces/encourages flexibility giving the body more freedom to explore its full range of motion.

Watsu benefits orthopedic, neurological and rheumatological impairments. People who experience arthritis, back pain, brain injury, cerebral palsy, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, post traumatic stress disorders, spinal cord injury, and stroke have reported benefits from Watsu sessions. Healing can happen at a psychosomatic level: trauma patterns can unwind and neuromuscular impulses may be awakened and re-patterned for a healthier sense of self.

 Can be done in pool in North Austin, Pipe Creek, Tx or yours! Ask me about small groups (one at a time, of course!)


plus pool fee



Ashiatsu is firm, comfortably deep, full body massage delivered via my feet! I use a self-designed portable table with bars for balance. Or at my office, bars are attached to ceiling for more options.  Bare feet pummel, smooth, rock and glide over your body. The benefit and difference of Ashi/Foot pressure compared to massage strokes by hand is the consistent firm pressure due to the pressure and breadth of the gliding strokes as the foot, powered by the strength of my legs, vs shoulders and arms of hand massage, and due to the multi-contoured foot, covers more area, in a most interesting and luxuriously feeling way. I started this technique in year 29 of my massage career in order to achieve deeper pressure on some clients who needed more than I could deliver by hand.  My training in gymnastics, athletics, dance, Thai massage, Watsu and Yoga all contribute to make the Ashi massage a perfect fit for delivering  the perfect amount of pressure, coverage and thoroughness in  your treatment. It is appropriate for most clientele—and preferred by many. 

ASHI SESSIONS - 60 min - $105

                               90 min~$125

MASSAGE by hand - 75 min~$100 

$ includes mobile visit 

Thai massage move ~pressing folded leg into chest~ Stretches hip joint, hamstrings ~ yummy!...


Thai Massage enhances flexibility, allowing for greater range of motion. It is performed through loose-fitting clothing on a padded floor mat, although the treatment can be modified to be performed on a table for those who are unable to get up and down from the floor easily. You will be stretched while feet,  hands, fists, thumbs and knees pummel facial tissue, applying firm & comfortable pressure up and down energy lines, (meridians), that flow throughout the entire body. This smooths the energy flow and warms the muscles. Limbs are moved gently; joints stretch and open as muscles loosen with the resulting enhanced blood flow, as with other types of massage. All parts of the body are addressed as you lie flat on your back, on your sides, on your belly and, lastly, in a seated position. It is a very thorough session and can last up to 

2 &1/2 hours, or shortened as you wish.

Thai Massage, also called “Lazy Man’s Yoga” is like having yoga “done” to you. You will feel looser afterwards, like “Gumby”!

THAI MASSAGE - 60 min to 2-1/2hrs. $100-$200

$ includes mobile visit

Elizabeth Large


 Elizabeth Large TxLMT 2298, licensed and in continuous practice since 1986.  I started massage career as I finished Nutrition degree and raised my young daughter in San Marcos Texas, 1986-1996. I lived and worked in Port Aransas on local clientele & island visitors, making outcalls to homes and condos, 1999-2017. I opened Four Palms Spa Retreat, Corpus Christi, 2005-2012. 

Having practiced my craft continuously since 1986, I have amassed quite a following of repeat clientele who are available as references. I try to keep the cost affordable because I believe people at every level of society should have access to the health benefits of high-quality massage treatments. My intention is for you to become deeply relaxed and still—in body and mind. I believe our bodies know how to auto-correct, given the chance. When we allow this deep rest and restorative state of “be”-ing, our physical health & sense of well-being is enhanced & restored!


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Presently, I travel between Ft Worth/Dallas, Corpus Christi, all around San Antonio and Austin...Fredericksburg, Marble Falls, Johnson City, Burnet, Lakeway, Dripping Springs, Wimberley, Buda, San Marcos, Kyle, Blanco, Tx area... delivering massage therapy techniques with portable tables and mat for different therapies. Session time and cost varies. Quoted prices includes house call fee  (minimum 2 sessions for longer distances). 

Blanco Office available for local clientele 

Heart of Texas Watsu Massage

Elizabeth Large TxLMT 2298 WABA Certified Watsu Practitioner CO lic MT

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